The CS Tutoring Center provides peer-to-peer support for computer science students in lower-division courses. See below for details.


The CS Tutoring Center addresses two issues affecting the computer science field: (1) high attrition rates in lower-division computer science courses, and (2) the low percentage of female computer science students. Specifically, the center provides extra support through peer tutoring and workshops for students in lower-division computer science courses.


The services provided by the CS Tutoring Center include:

  • Holding regular tutoring sessions in the evenings for computer science students
  • Helping struggling students, including setting up special tutoring sessions as needed
  • Helping with in-class labs for lower-division computer science courses
  • Coordinating teacher assistant orientations and periodic meetings
  • Coordinating community-building and social events, such as speakers, field trips, pizza nights, and contests
  • Maintaining the CS Tutoring Center website and calendar
  • Facilitating outreach via social networking

Additionally, tutors coordinate with professors of lower-division courses to find out what topics students are struggling with, setup special tutoring sessions before exams, and help with in-class lab exercises.


Applications for tutors are solicited in the Spring. Ideally, applicants should have already taken the lower-division computer science courses at the University of San Francisco, and already have experience as a teacher assistant.

A tutoring position with the CS Tutoring Center that pays a higher rate than most teacher assistant positions. Oversight and mentoring is provided by a faculty sponsor.

See the Home page for announcements about the application process, and the Tutors page for current and past tutors.


The CS Tutoring Center was launched in Spring 2013 by Professor David Wolber, thanks to a grant from Craig Conway. The funding provided allows us to attract the best students into tutoring positions by paying a higher rate than most teaching assistantships, and supports various social events and workshops sponsored by the CS Tutoring Center.